Having eco friendly weddings to protect our environment

wedding-favorsTons of trees have been cut down to supply the hundreds and thousands of couples marrying each year around the globe. Tons of energy has been used to keep a wedding ceremony and reception from cutting short due to power outages and to keep everyone entertained. Tons of butterflies have been released to supposedly aid the newlyweds to have prosperous and peaceful marriage. Here’s the question: who are suffering from this nonsense wastage of energy and species that are ultimately no help, in any form, to the success of a marriage? There is none other than us. Opting for eco-friendly weddings is always the best way to tie the knot because it does not only help keep our environment healthy, but it also keeps our budgets sane. Here’s how:

Send invitations electronically – What is the use of social networking nowadays if you cannot even send your wedding invitation through it? Then we also have the ancient e-mail address. Who has no e-mails these days, eh? Sending invitations electronically deliberately minimize the use of stationeries and paper-made products, which are usually tossed into the trash cans after the event. Keep the invitation private by sending private messages to guests thru social networking sites and e-mails. Do a follow-up call three days after when there’s no reply to make sure that they receive the invitation. Conversely, use stationeries for guests who don’t have both forms of communication.

Give green favors – Bonsais, reusable and plant-able tin cans, pouches made of bamboo, woven mini bags, sinamay pouches, and the likes are some of the best green favors that you can order online or make on your own with the aid of your entourage. These are not only very cute, but also useful to the guests. On the one hand, you can also opt to make your desserts become a wedding favor by placing cookies or pieces of chocolates inside eco-friendly bags or boxes. Green favor ideas are unlimited; you might squeeze one on your own as long as it’s made from renewable materials.

Use local flowers – There is no doubt that imported flowers are oftentimes more attractive than local blooms, especially during the colder season. However, be reminded that ordering imported ones can mean bigger payouts and more chemicals used to keep it alive in for the shipment and the waiting processes. Using local flowers wouldn’t only help you save money, but also gets rid of all the chemicals during your wedding day. Few ribbons; a couple of tutus; and well-manicured nails that match the wedding motif are all you need to make a gorgeous bouquet.

Rent or opt for heirloom wedding dresses – Wearing gorgeous wedding gowns is bride-to-be’s dream, but it doesn’t have to be expensive and tailor-made to be one. There are numerous wedding shops that offer gowns for rent, and most of these pieces actually look like Versace’s or Wang’s creations. Meanwhile, an heirloom dress never fails to add glamour and class to every bride’s timeless look. Here is a gorgeous link that you can rent your dresses at unbelievable prices:


and also the bridesmaid dresses:



Health Benefits of Water

Water BenefitsPlanet earth is made up of ¾ water and ¼ lands, and just like our body, we are made up of 60% water. Our brain alone needs at least at least 70% water and science also showed that we need to replace at least 2 litres of water each day that is lost through urination and perspiration. In other words, water is very essential in every human body, and, we cannot go through life without it.
Water provides a wide plethora of benefits and its topmost benefit is the fact that it keeps us well and alive. Consumption of less water can cause dehydration of the body. If you are dehydrated, you feel sickly, look tired and dull, and you constantly have headache as well. These symptoms of dehydration can cause you to absent from school, work, or even play. Hence, those who love to exercise sweat too much, or work in areas that are very warm should always bring bottled water with them in order to avoid dehydration.
Water can also make your skin look fresher and younger. Dehydration can also make your skin look dull and unhealthy. It can add more moisture to your skin and can make it look glowing. Hydrated skin is also healthy looking and bacteria cannot thrive in it easily, so pimples, blackheads, and the likes are minimized if your skin is well nourished from within. Because your mind is well hydrated, this means that you don’t experience headache often and that you can concentrate well on your task. If employees are hydrated, they can be able to exert their effort well and can always be productive at work.
If you are a health buff, drinking lots of water regularly can keep your temperature in a good state. A body with the right temperature can keep you going in the gym for hours as it can also regulate the flow of blood and the achievement of goals as well. Furthermore, water is very beneficial to people who constantly experience constipation. Having a good amount of water in the body helps regulate the flow of bowel, thus, minimal chance of experiencing constipation and the likes.
When you are pregnant, you will also less likely to experience cramps and sprains. Did you know that muscles are made up of water and it needs ample amount of water to work efficiently? Pregnant women and those who are into sports might lose water easily due to urination and perspiration, if this is not replenished immediately, muscle cramps, sprains, and spasms can occur leading to pain and disturbance in your routine.
Hence, make sure to always include water in your daily lifestyle. This is very vital in order to obtain the full benefits of water in the human body. Also, taking care of our natural aquatic resources can minimize possible water pollution and contamination in our drinking water.

Water Supply Contamination Can Trigger Autism


One of the reports coming from the University of Idaho says that antidepressants found in our everyday drinking water can trigger the effects of Autism Spectrum Disorders. As the government of UK is having second thoughts regarding the cleaning up of pharmaceutical infected water supply, the study claims that even minimal trace of drugs in water can be very hazardous and can cause accidents.


They said that it is vital that we deepen our understanding of the causes of autism in order for us to avoid such devastating occurrences. It is given that there are some genetic and environmental factors that can trigger these but we should expand our knowledge nevertheless because it is a very complex illness.

There are a number of health campaigners and enthusiasts that have concluded about the steep escalation of autism rates. A lot of them claim that it is because of the rising usage of MMR vaccine, which has eventually become directly proportional to the increase of autism. Some would say that it is because of food additives. Autism Spectrum Disorders is a very complicated issue because it is difficult to pinpoint a certain behavior and claim it Autism. Although there are common “symptoms” and factors that affect the behavior of people with this kind of disability, like for instance communication or social interaction, some results and factors would differ.

Research also states that big pharmaceutical companies have been a huge contributor to this messy situation. They carried out an experiment using fish as their subjects. They used Venlafaxine and Prozac. They had the minnows of the fish tested and they discovered that they had changes in their genetic pathway and displayed symptoms of idiopathic autism. The amount of dosage was also estimated to match the maximum dosage that we currently have in our own environmental setup. It only shows that drugs in water really have an effect to our health.

Although the research is still an ongoing process, we still have to be prepared for such circumstances. One way to do so is to read up on autism and its causes and try to find ways on how to avoid such influences. If you have a relative that has autism, all the more you should be careful. There are a lot of findings regarding this issue and it is always best that we deepen our knowledge and understanding about this disability. This is to avoid devastating and unexpected events.

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